Monday, October 10, 2011

Do Art Workers Have Time to Blog?

Book Arts Jet Set is getting a revival here as I experience Occupy Philly, the City of Brotherly Love counterpart to Occupy Wall Street. I haven't blogged on arts, politics, and the economy since leaving a desk job for a juggling act of teaching, editing, and other independent contracting. I refer you to this post's title: do art workers have time to blog?

Right now I struggle to find a balance of time and attention to put to the activity going on at the west side of City Hall and to put towards my own livelihood. What is going on at City Hall anyway? A fluctuating community of several hundred individuals are: (1) speaking out against economic inequality, (2) working to educate themselves through discussion, reading, and expression so that they might better understand what has happened to our economy and what alternatives might be possible, and (3) practicing community based on respect, care-taking, and alternative economies.

I want to participate. I also find my email full of queries that need tending to, apropos prior commitments and future work. I work to define myself.

I work hard.
I make less than the median income.

I paid $2400 more in federal taxes than:
Bank of America

Look for images and commentary in the coming days.

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