Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupy Links, plus Zines & Education

The People's Plaza (previously or otherwise known as Dilworth Plaza, outside City Hall) is peppered with handmade signs and chalk writing. I've heard a lot of discussion in the past week of Occupy Philly about how to clarify our message, and the protest signs reflect this sense. I disagree. I think the first thing we need to do is share our stories. Empathy is how those not moved to spend their time at City Hall will begin to understand what people are doing down there, and there is no way to spark that empathy unless we start communicating who we are as individuals and why we are moved to protest.

To this end, I'd like to share a couple of projects:

  • Today I will be facilitating a zine making workshop at the Education tent, which is at the southern end of the People's Plaza. Printer friends Leah & Alex will be making screens based on participant zines, & bringing them back to the plaza Sunday afternoon for on-site printing of distributable copies.
  • Occupy Philly Voices is a blog started by Julia to record, visually, textually, and audibly, the stories of those involved in the occupation. More content should be coming in the following days, including some photos I've contributed. But there is some good stuff from the first couple of days to get you started.
The Education tent

Please consider sharing your own story when making signs. Keep an eye on the Occupy Philly Facebook page to keep up on the daily events, marches, and other direct action. More good links coming soon!

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